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Martin Door Quality & Safety
Most Martin hardware components are rated at 100,000+ cycles (with a
lifetime warranty) and springs are rated o 30,000+ cycles. Others
hardware and springs may only be rated to 6,000-10,000 cycles.

Safety is one of the most important things for Martin Doors when
designing a garage door. Leading the industry with state of the art safety
features,  Martin Doors includes over 30 advanced safety & quality
features to help protect your family.
Premium Rollers with RollerShields
  • Lifetime 11 ball-bearing rollers
  • No maintenance with sealed bearings
  • RollerShield pushes fingers away from moving

No other manufacturer has Rollershield
Other rollers may not use ball-bearings
Heavy-Gauge Hinges
  • Heavy 14 gauge galvanized Steel hinges
  • Reduces gap between door sections
  • Protects fingers from injury

Other hinges may be thinner 18 gauge Steel
Other hinges may leave a gap between sections
Safer & Stronger Track
  • Large gaps between the track and  the wall
    are shielded by the Reverse Angle Shield
  • Sharp edges are rounded and large holes are

Others may have sharp edges
Others may have large holes in track and leave
unsafe gaps between track and wall
Safety Lock-On Bottom Brackets
  • Galvanized bottom bracket locks to the
    bottom of the door when cable is under tension
  • Bracket cannot be removed while spring is
    under tension
  • Lift cable is locked to bottom bracket

Others may not offer lock-on safety features
Galvanized Springs
  • Resists rust & breakage
  • Backed by lifetime warranty
  • Rated to Over 30,000 cycles

Others may not be galvanized
Others may only be rated to 6000-10,000
cycles and 1 year warranty
Heavy Grade Cables
  • Rated to 2000 lb lifting capacity
  • Lifetime, commercial-grade 1/8" lift-cables
  • Heavy-duty loop reinforcement

Others may use thinner 3/32" cables without
loop reinforcement
Others may only be rated to a much lower
lifting capacity
Heavy 24 Gauge Steel
  • Heavy 24 gauge, hot-dipped galvanized Steel
  • Two coats baked-on gloss enamel finish

Others doors may use 32-26 gauge Steel (24 is
Quality Features
Martin Safety