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Do you have a question about your garage door or garage door opener?
We listed some of the most common questions asked by our customers.

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Q. My garage door opener has stopped opening the door. The motor sounds like it is running but the chain does
not move.

A. The most probable cause is the nylon gear in the motor head is stripped and the motor is not turning the
output shaft.
Q. Last night I heard a loud bang in the garage and now the garage door will not open?

A. Sounds like the spring has broke, depending on the type of spring system you have the spring can either
across the top of the door visible and will have a distinct separation in the coils. Some doors the spring is
contained in a tube, other doors the springs can be by the tracks either vertically or horizontally.
Q. When I try to close my garage door, the door goes down a few inches then goes back up and the light bulbs
on the motor head flash.

A. The most common problem is the photo cells, located on each side of the door near the floor are out of
alignment or something is blocking the beam.
Q. My door goes all the way down to the floor, sits there for a second and then opens again.

A. Your garage door opener has a close limit setting that tells the opener when to shut off the motor. If the
setting is not properly adjusted the motor will not get the signal to shut off and the door will open again thinking
it has hit an obstruction.
Garage Door and Operator Repair Questions:
New Garage Door Questions:
Q. Can I Purchase a garage door and install it myself?

A. Yes you can, but Signal Doors believes the installation of a garage door should be installed by a professionally
trained installer. Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home and can be the most dangerous item
in your house.

Your professional garage door installer can have your door installed in a couple hours and be sure all safety
requirements are met. Installations by most homeowners take several days and improper installations can void
your warranty.
Q. Does the gauge of my new garage door matter?

A. Yes the gauge of a garage door makes a lot of difference, the lower the gauge the thicker the Steel. So the  
thicker the Steel the better the door you are getting.
Q. Do I need an insulated garage door?

A. This is where Signal Doors differs form most others in the garage door industry, I believe that Insulation in a
garage door is not necessary unless you will be heating and cooling the garage. Many garage door companies will
tell you that you need to have an insulated garage door because their doors only come with insulation. All the
reasons they give you for buying an insulated door are flawed by the fact that once you open the door any
heating or cooling you have in the garage is lost.

A simple fact, your home is insulated many times better than any door you can install but if you turn the heat or
cooling off you house will get real hot or very cold.  The point is if the garage is not heated or cooled the only
value for insulation is either looks or noise.
Q. When I purchase a new garage door what does it include?

A. A new garage door will include all new door sections, tracks, springs, and all hardware. The only item that will
stay when replacing your door will be the garage door opener if you have one.
Q. When I purchase a new garage door do I have to change my garage door opener?

A. No, if your garage door opener is working properly you don't have to replace it.  Although if your garage door
opener does not have photocells we recommend replacing it with a unit with all the new safety features.
Q. How do I know if my garage door is balanced properly?

A. With the garage door in the closed position disconnect the door from the garage door opener (pull the manual
release cord) then lift the door 6" at a time (the door should open smoothly) and the door should stay at any
position you stop the door. The door should not drop to the floor nor should it open uncontrollably. When the
door is opened, the door should rest above the header. If not then the door is not balanced and needs to be
Q. What kind of service should I have done to my garage door?

A. You should have your garage door serviced at least once a year, that service should include lubing the hinges
rollers,bearings, springs and the garage door opener rail. The hinge bolts and track bolts should be tightened,
check cables for fraying and springs for proper balance. The garage door opener should be checked for proper
operation, photo cells checked for proper function, and the safety reverse should be checked. (most
manufactures suggest the gdo safety reverse be checked monthly).

The proper way to check the garage door operator safety reverse is to lay a  2x4 block of wood under the center
of the door and then shut the garage door, the door should reverse within 2 seconds after hitting the 2x4.